Thanksgiving Newsletter – November, 2019


Stories of Little Warriors Sophia and Yordin

Hello Friends of JJCCF,

During this special time to give thanks and thinking of others, consider giving to children in need. Today we share the stories of (2) children in our Advocacy Program. Our goal is to raise upwards of $1,000 for each family to assure their basic needs are met during the Holidays. Each family is fighting childhood cancer while facing multiple crises. Giving these families a hand up, will let them know they are not fighting alone. ANY $ AMOUNT is greatly appreciated.

 We are grateful for your thoughtful support.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,

 Sandra Muvdi, MBA, President/ CEO


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Sophia, 3-years-old,  Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

The nightmare began 2 years ago when Sophia had a seizure and was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor. After 2 brain surgeries, Sophia received chemotherapy for 16 weeks. A resent MRI shows tumor growth so forward treatment options, including Clinical Trials, are being explored.

Sophia’s single Mom had to quit work to care for her, and needs help paying for car, insurance, diapers, gas and food.Read more:

aMedina_ Sophia_3yrs_ BrainCan_ JDCH- PW

Mother’s quote: “I will never forget the day when they told me my daughter had a brain tumor.  When I heard the word cancer, I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. I shut down and started to cry.”

Yordin, 3-years-old, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Yordin was diagnosed with eye cancer in his home country of Guatemala.  He has bravely undergone surgery, but sadly his left eye had to be removed. His family knew survival for Yordin meant traveling to the U.S. for treatment. Leaving mother and younger brother behind, Yordin and his father arrived in Miami with nothing. Over the past two months Yordin has been in-patient responding well to treatment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

 Father needs help paying for radiation treatments (time sensitive), transportation, rent and cell phone service. Read more:

aGonzalez_ Yordin_ 3yrs_ Retinob_ NCH _2_

Hospital Social Worker: “While the Gonzalez family is very humble, I ask on their behalf for your consideration to help them during a very difficult time.”


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