Spring Newsletter – April, 2019

Help Little Warriors: Shaddai, Johan, Carmen, Marcus, Alessandro & Anthony

Hello Friends of JJCCF,

As we enjoy the spring, please read the stories of these (6) children who need us. Just $5 counts and adds up to help Shaddai, Johan, Carmen, Marcus, Alessandro and Anthony fight advanced childhood cancer. Each of their families has received our financial assistance, but they need more. Our campaign goal is to raise $1,000 to cover lifeline support for each child. Your contribution will assure these families have food and keep a roof over their heads during trying times, but most importantly, they will know they are not alone.

With gratitude,
Sandra Muvdi, MBA, President/CEO

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Dedicate your donation in honor of “Little Warriors” or a specific child’s name
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Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation
1 Las Olas Circle, Ste 209, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Shaddai, 16 years old
Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital Broward Health
Over the past 8 months Shaddai has been battling metastatic liver cancer which has affected all the organs in her stomach. Only 5% of her liver is functioning and she may need a transplant of various organs to survive. Read more…
Johan, 8 years old
Palms West Hospital & St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
High-Risk, aggressive Leukemia has changed the lives of Johan and his family. He has been receiving treatments both locally and at St. Jude. The family has been increasingly stressed as Mom travels with Johan for his treatments and Dad struggles to care for their 3 other sons, while still maintaining his job. Read more…
Carmen, 13 years old
Palms West Hospital
Carmen recently had a stroke as a result of her Leukemia treatment. She now needs intense physical therapy. With her elderly father on disability, Carmen’s mother is solely responsible for driving her daughter to the hospital close to 300 miles per week. This makes it impossible for her to work at this time. Read more…
Marcus, 15 years old
Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital Broward Health
A post surgery complication since Marcus’ diagnosis with Stage 4 Lymphoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma has changed the lives of his family. As a result of a blood clot, he is now suffering from seizures, requires additional mediation and chemotherapy, sometimes multiple times each week.
Alessandro, 6 years old
Holtz Children’s Hospital at Jackson Memorial Hospital
Alessandro and his family escaped Venezuela to save his life after being diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Given the very volatile and unstable political climate in Venezuela, his parents were urged to seek medical treatment in the U.S. Read more…
Anthony, 5 years old
St. Jude Children’s Hospital Broward Health
For 2.5 years Anthony has been battling Leukemia (AML) leaving his South FL home to receive treatment at St. Jude in TN. This child has undergone 2 bone marrow transplants with his mother at his bedside unable to work. Read more…
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