Assisted Children: Individual Stories

4 Y/O Fighting Wilms’ Tumor, Baby Sister & 21 Y/O Mom on the Verge of Homelessness

Collection Complete May 2011. Thanks to JJCCF’s Financial Assistance, Advocacy and Share the Joy programs this family benefited from $4,235 representing basic human necessities (several rent, electricity and medical payments and Wal-mart gift cards) plus $2,328 from various collaborating charities. Share the Joy ceremony: on 12-6-10 Advocate Home Care Services donated $2,000 to JJCCF and 100% benefited Ka’mya and family.


Ka’mya, 4 yrs old, Broward General Medical Center
Ka’mya was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor September 2010. 4 Y/O Ka’mya, baby sister and 21 Y/O Mom are soon to be homeless. JJCCF recently admitted this family into our Advocacy Program in hope that our community and collaborating agencies will help provide upcoming rent payments while Ka’mya is receiving cancer treatment.

JJCCF’s Founder met with this family in early October 2010 to deliver hope, love, compassion and emergency financial assistance. JJCCF’s Financial Assistance Program prevented eviction by providing a check payable to “Emerald Bay Club” to cover family’s October rent. Additionally, JJCCF paid for an outpatient pharmacy bill payable to the Hospital.

Gerley, Ka’mya’s mom, was fired from her job soon after her daughter was diagnosed with cancer because she had to miss work in order to be at her daughter’s bedside. She worked at Accurate Services in the Customer Service Department


For the next couple of months while Ka’mya is receiving chemotherapy, radiation and operation(s) this family will need financial assistance to pay for their rent, grocery / gas gift cards and help to fix their car.

Message from Social Worker, 11/2/10:

Dear Sandra,

Kamya Bryant (DOB: 5/29/06) is a patient at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic at Broward Health. Kamya is diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. Kamya is receiving chemotherapy treatment every week in the clinic.

Kamya resides with her mother, Girley Charles, step-father (boyfriend) and one year-old sister. Her parents have one car. They are requiring assistance with rent, electric and gas costs. They also need tires and mechanical work on their vehicle. It has been unsafe to drive and they have required assistance to bring Kamya to treatment. They reside approximately fifty miles round trip from the hospital.

Kamya cannot attend daycare because she is receiving treatment. Her mother was fired from her job during Kamya’s initial hospitalization. Her step-father works in construction and is currently unemployed. Her biological father has never been involved. There is no available extended supportive family. Thank you for your consideration to further assist Kamya and her family during her treatment.

Bernadette Brunetti, LCSW

Plea from Mom, 11/2/10:

Hi my name is Gerley I’m twenty one years old and a mother of two beautiful little girls. One is four years old name Ka’mya and a One years old that turns two in December name Ka’mora. In September I felt something in Ka’mya stomach that didnt feel right at all, so the first thing i did was called her doctor so I could set a appointment for her. But to my surprise they told me that they wouldn’t be able to see her till the following month. As a mother i didn’t want to wait till next month because I just had a feeling what was in her stomach. Just wasn’t right at all so I took her to the E.R. I would of never guess that they would tell my that my four years old princess had wilm’s tumor. I didnt know how to feel felt like my world was coming down on me. During her time in the hospital I stayed with her I was working at the moment. So I called my manager to explain my reason for absence from the job. After letting him know my reason for being out and also told him I would bring a doctor’s note to him. He fired me and told me he felt like what I was telling him was a joke. I still went to the job and gave him the doctor’s note but that didn’t change nothing at all. So I got fired for being by my daughter’s side during the time of her surgery and while she was in the hospital. It hurted me so bad because I lost my mother in 2006 and my little sister because we got into a bad car accident where the car flip seven times on I-75 and around that time Ka’mya was only six months old. Only Ka’mya and I made it alive ever since then I always work to make sure that my daughters had a home and had things that they needed. I just didn’t understand why he would fire me because my daughter have cancer but I just left everything up to god because I know I didn’t do nothing wrong. At the moment I dont have a job at all and everything that my princess Ka’mya is going through I know I have to be strong for her and make sure she know that mommy loves her and will always be there for her and her little sister. The things that worry me alot is the fact that i dont have a job I really dont know how i’m going to pay the rent and other bills in the house. At night i cry alot because I’m heart broken over what Ka’mya is going through and that I fear of not having a home for my little girls. I always had a job and to get fired because I had to be there for my daughter I just don’t understand but I know there is a god. I’m asking to please help me and my little girls please.

Love, Gerley Charles