Diamond – Parent Testimony

I am writing this testimony to let everyone know how grateful i am for the Jessica June Foundation. My daughter Diamond was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor at the age of 10 months. She started chemo at 10 and a half months and have been basically recieving chemo since that time. Diamond had multiple hospitilizations and was sick very often . since im am her sole caretaker and a single mother of five. I had to try to be at work and the hospital or home. I had to miss an extensive amount of work, which put me in a financial crisis. there were times when I had to decide whether to pay rent or buy food. This was a huge strain on me along with not knowing day to day if diamy was going to survive. I called multiple places in search for help. Most places said that didnt have funding and they didn’t know when they would have it again, due to such hard economic times. I then came across the Jessica June Foundation when i met Sandra. From the first time i spoke with her, i felt relieved. I hadnt met with her yet, but she was more than eager to help me and my kids.She expedited everything because i was in jeapordy of loosing my house and i had several other bills that were behind. she was heaven sent. This took a huge amount of stress off of me. i was ok for a while and during another chemo cycle Diamond turned for the worse again. This time she had a stroke and was not responsive for three days. Again I had to leave my job and care for Diamond. She then had to be airlifted to another hospital for an emergency thirteen hour brain surgery. These were the worst days of my life. I had to leave my other kids, work, and everything. I couldn’t think about what i was going to lose, I just had to stay with Diamond. She was hospitalized for two and a half months. So when things started to stabilize with her , everything else was behind and in a mess again. So i contacted Sandra again to see if she knew of any other resources and she began to help me again. I feel extremely blessed to have someone so compassionate and helpful.  Pamela  Read Full Story