Cancer Awareness Program 2004

About the Cancer Awareness Program for schools:
The Cancer Awareness Program was created to educate children of all ages about cancer. During the course of the program teachers provide students with JJCCF age sensitive cancer awareness resources such as books, videos and activities. Children learn about cancer, about valuing their health and being sensitive towards others less fortunate, and are exposed to giving and making a difference in the community in which they live in.

JJCCF sells colorful t-shirts and buttons with our logo and receives donations. At the end of the program, on Cancer Awareness Day, t-shirts and buttons are worn by school staff and students to demonstrate support for cancer victims and the Foundation. Proceeds directly benefit local families in crisis enduring pediatric cancer in the community.

The first annual Cancer Awareness Program was launched at Virginia Shuman Young Elementary on September 27 th and ended on October 22 nd. The program culminated with Cancer Awareness Day, and numerous students and school staff wore foundation t shirts and buttons in support of cancer victims. We had a special ceremony to thank everyone for participating in the event, and announced the total net proceeds to be over $3,000!! JJCCF recognized the school and our first sponsor, Joe Picasso’s, with special plaques.


Media Coverage
Sun-Sentinel, 11/28/04