Amanda, We Stand By You! 2009


Guests express themselves about the Fundraiser:

Heather Miller
Nurse Manager Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Chris Evert Children’s Hospital

“You make such a difference in the lives of these patients and families. Your personal experience really helps bring a special gift to them. I’m so happy to hear that Amanda and her family were able to find another treatment regimen. Please let me know if you need anything. I’m always happy to volunteer and support your foundation and the fabulous work you all do!”

Beverly Denham
Pediatric Social Worker
Miami Children’s Hospital

“I have and will continue to be in prayer for Amanda. There are no words for what you’ve done to get Amanda and her family this far. I’m just glad I was able to witness some of it. May God richly bless you!”

Evelyn Gonzalez
Pediatric Social Worker
Miami Children’s Hospital

“I enjoyed it, and Amanda seemed so happy! Thank you again for always doing so much for our families, and thank you for inviting me. I had a great time!”

Michelle O’Boyle
Kids Cancer Foundation

“I will keep Amanda and her family in my prayers. You should be very proud of what a difference your Foundation is able to make in a family’s life. This is really what is is all about. Thanks so much for all you do.”

Marlene Crep
Director H2U
Plantation General Hospital

“I was truly touched by this young lady, her grace, her style, her maturity as well as her loving family. It is an honor to attend this fundraiser and I am humbled by the efforts of so many to assist Amanda in her quest for health.”

Dawn Abrams Read
Event Director
Winterfest Inc.

“What a nice story and great news of hope for Amanda. Great job, you must be proud of what you have been able to accomplish. Bravo!!!”

Lynne Cameron
Executive Director
Channel 4 CBS, Neighbors 4 Neighbors

“Oh Sandra, I am crying with joy. What an honor to have been a part of this. I will continue praying for Amanda and her family. You are an angel from God. You are on my “most admired” list.”

Bill Feinberg
Allied Kitchen & Bath

“Wow. This is such great news Sandra. You ROCK. Without you, none of this could or would be possible. The efforts you make to help others, will long live in the memory of Jessica. There’s no doubt you were a great mom to her. Receiving a letter like this one that you just sent about Amanda, is reason enough to continue the efforts that we both do to help others less fortunate. This one especially is very moving, just knowing it’s helping someone so beautiful, right here in our own back yard. Once again, great job.”

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