Alexander – Parent Testimony

I’m writing this because I am very thankful for the existence of the Jessica June Foundation. My son was diagnosed with cancer on my daughters birthday. It was after 10 long days of waiting for biopsy results, we had no one to turn to for help financially and were about to be evicted and light was about to be cut off due to none payment because we were left without any strength in our bodies the minute they told us the possibility of our son having cancer so we had lost all hope didn’t really care about anything else but being at the hospital waiting on results it was the longest and most depressing 10 days of our lives and then we were hit with the reality of life if we didn’t pay we were being evicted and luckily were referred to Jessica June foundation if it was not for this foundation we would have lost everything we had we wouldn’t even have a place to call home this just reminds us there are still people in this world that are willing to help those in need at times of true desperation. I am truly grateful for their help.  Barbara Read Full Story