Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Sandra Muvdi, MBA, President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Muvdi is the Founder and President of JJCCF. read more (“About the Founder” section)

Gregg Sjoquist, Chairperson and Secretary of the Board of Directors. Sjoquist is the CEO of The Wasie Foundation.
*Awarded Most Outstanding JJCCF Volunteer and Contributor several years since 2007

Diana Muvdi, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors. D. Muvdi is a full-time volunteer at Sanar Costa Atlántica—a nonprofit organization providing treatment and care for underprivileged children with cancer.

Anne Reinstein, Director. Reinstein is a tax accountant in private practice in the South Florida area since 2000. Through her travels to third world countries, she has become an advocate for charitable causes that benefit children in the community and abroad.

Katie Harlow, MSM, Director. Harlow is the SE Regional Marketing Manager at William Grant & Sons and active in the South Florida community. She has been a committed partner of JJCCF since 2011.


Sandra Muvdi, MBA, President/CEO,  Founder. read more (“About the Founder” section)

Extended Staff

Webmaster & Graphic Art Volunteer

Drazenka Kimpel

Family Visiting Volunteers

Phillip Biber
Brigetta Mas
Ed Whelan
Tamara Peñaranda