About the Founder

Sandra Muvdi is Founder, President/CEO, Director of JJCCF and the mother of Jessica June Eiler Muvdi (cancer victim 1996 – 2003). Previously, Muvdi worked as a Middle School Math Teacher at Indian Ridge Middle School located in Broward County, Florida. Before teaching children, she was Assistant Vice President in the International Trade Financing Department at Barclays Bank in Miami, Florida. Muvdi received a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management and earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics from Rollins College. Academic honors include Dean’s List and Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor Society).

Nonprofit training and certifications from the following institutions: The Fund Raising School – The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, The Grantsmanship Center and BoardSource.

Muvdi’s firsthand experience fighting blood (loss of daughter), lung (loss of mother) and breast (surviving her own) cancer, helps parents cope with crises after being told “your child has cancer.”

Recognitions / Accomplishments

Muvdi is regarded as a community leader earning the following recognitions / accomplishments:

Dedication from the Founder

My Sister Diana: Diana Muvdi is Jessie’s Godmother and second mother. Diana, her husband and two daughters, were always very close with Jessie. They invited Jessie to spend every summer with them in Colombia. Diana has also suffered tremendously from the tragic loss of Jessie. Shortly after Jessie’s departure, she became a fulltime volunteer dedicated to helping underprivileged children with cancer at Sanar Costa Atlántica. Today, Diana is on JJCCF’s Board of Directors—and I thank her for being the perfect sister and aunt to Jessie. Because of her help and generosity, I am able to accomplish my mission in life.

My Daughter Jessie: I thank you my sweetie in heaven for inspiring me to help needy children fighting cancer. You inspire the passion, motivation, and drive I possess to help others. I would have never created this foundation if it wasn’t for YOU. Maybe this was all part of larger plan—and now after hearing my calling—I have so much to accomplish in your memory and in your absence. I miss you my little angel—and want to do anything to make you happy. I dedicate the Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation to YOU.

Message from the Founder

Dear JJCCF Friends,

I heard my calling to create the Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation (JJCCF) shortly after I lost my only child to cancer in 2003. From my experience with Jessie, I understand how a parent’s life can immediately turn upside down when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Parents are faced with a devastating emotional strain that is often followed by a financial crisis. The added financial pressures can make it difficult for a hard-working family to pay for basic human necessities while a child battles cancer. As a result, the Foundation was created to honor my daughter Jessica’s memory by helping children in need get the care they deserve.

I thank Jessica for deeply inspiring me. Although the loss of a child is the most difficult pain with which to live, I thank God daily for giving me a strong new purpose and a reason for being. I planted a JJCCF seed in 2004 that has grown, flourished, and reached new heights in the passage of time. I want to thank all contributors, volunteers, and collaborating organizations for their continued support and for helping me make JJCCF what it is today. Together, we are able to provide direct financial assistance for children in need while becoming their voice in the community.

While I am proud of the direct impact we’re making, I am committed to grow the Foundation to help more families with increased financial assistance in the coming years. As we work together to combat this deadly disease, it is promising to know that the mortality rate for many childhood cancers continues to decline. The combined 5-year survival rate for all childhood cancer improved from 50% prior to the 1970s to nearly 80% in 2008. Survival rates are increasing, however, many low-income families are unable to provide the level of care required to maximize the probability of survival. As a result, the Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance for families in need—because every child deserves an equal opportunity to fight this disease.

We encourage you to support our efforts in providing emergency financial assistance for low income children fighting cancer. In short, your contribution will give these children added hope along with access to basic living necessities—all while increasing the chance of survival.

Thank you for your consideration, love, and support.

Sandra Muvdi

“There is no greater legacy to leave than truly making a difference
in less fortunate people’s lives”