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Leilani, patient of Palms West Hospital, relapses with kidney cancer  


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April 2012

       4 Cancer Heroes in Need

   Help Bianca, Leilani, Evan & Shayla





Dear JJCCF Friends,

We hope you will never discover a parent’s worst nightmare, “your child has cancer”. No parent ever prepares emotionally or financially for such devastating news. All of us have the power to do “something”. Just $1 dollar will make a difference for Bianca, Leilani, Evan & Shayla during this dreadful time. Please consider contributing to these families trying to focus on their child’s survival while struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Your contributions will add up to make a significant impact in the lives of these 4 children & their family members. Your support will make a difference! 

The needs for these families fighting childhood cancer exceed the Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation (JJCCF) limited resources to assist them.  JJCCF has already provided each family with emergency financial assistance representing basic human needs which is significant, but not sufficient.  As an advocate for these children, I am reaching out for outside urgent support (YOUR HELP) so that these families can survive a temporary crisis. 

Giving gift cards for food / gas or tax-deductible donations would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us at (954)744-6535 or email For more information about JJCCF’s impactful mission visit


Thank you for your consideration and your ongoing support, Sandra Muvdi, President/ Founder

*Online DonationJJCCF’s secure donation page requires just a couple of clicks & you can choose your donation In Honor of “4 children” or an individual child’s name. Visit or just click on the “Donate” button above.

*Mail check memo  “4 children” or an individual child’s name payable to “JJCCF” and mail to: Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation, Broward Health,1600 South Andrews Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33316

Their Individual Stories:

1) Bianca, 3 Y/O, Broward General Medical Center: After a month of frequent doctor visits, Bianca’s was diagnosed in the ER with Wilms’ Tumor.  She was rushed into surgery and was left with only her right kidney. She has spots in her kidney as well as her lungs and is now being treated in those areas. Bianca’s mother stopped working and her father’s job has slowed down with hours cut. The family had to recently move from their trailer home to an apartment because of health hazards.  The trailer was in poor conditions and compromising Bianca’s immune system.

-Quote from mother:  “…finding out your child has cancer it’s like stabbing you in the heart at that moment you don’t even know where you’re standing. I felt the world falling on me, I broke down in tears. Later that day she was officially diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, the tumor was also in her lungs and they needed to remove her kidney. I hugged my baby and couldn’t stop thinking that I couldn’t do anything to make her better. My heart is in pieces right now but the less thing I loss faith and that GOD has a purpose for her in this world and he is walking with her through these hard times.” READ MORE


2) Leilani, 6 Y/O, Palms West Hospital: Soon after Leilani was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor in February 2011, her mother had to stop working and was living off her savings. Father does not provide for the family. After the devastating diagnosis, her 11 y/o brother could not cope with everything that was happening, and moved out to live with other family members. After going through extensive treatment Leilani reached remission for a short time.  Sadly, she relapsed on 10/25/11 and is now back in the fight. This time around her treatment is much more aggressive and requires her to be hospitalized more often. JJCCF assisted this family last year, but the family is back into crisis mode and needs urgent help!

-Quote from Mother: “Unfortunately, my daughter at age 6 has been re-diagnosed. You would think that it would be easier the second time around; but it is not. It has been harder on Leilani and I, and even harder on my son.READ MORE

3) Evan, Broward General Medical Center: Little Evan lost his Dad and within the same year he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Evan’s mother had to take out a second mortgage because she was behind on bills left from her late husband’s medical condition before her son was diagnosed.

-Quote from mother: “Evan was diagnosed with Leukemia on 12-01-11. He was admitted on 11-30-11 after going to four doctor visits and three ER visits. He would ask me, “mom what happen to me, can you make me feel better”? This would cause me to break down. It has been a challenge because we lost Evan’s dad, on 3-28-11, from a massive stroke.” READ MORE

4) Shayla, 12 Y/O, Miami Children’s Hospital: Shayla was diagnosed with Leukemia April of 2011. Her single mother had to stop working due to the daughter’s health. Shayla’s treatment with steroids has increased her appetite and the family is struggling to keep food on the table. Mother had to stop her own treatment for Hepatitis C that she contracted 20 years ago from a blood transfusion because she could not afford the cost. She is struggling financially, emotionally and health wise.

-Quote from Mother: Shortly after starting chemo treatment, Shayla got three fractures in her lower back. Shayla’s walking is very slow and she falls a lot. I cannot work for I’m the only one she has who can take care of her. Sadly I myself will need to start a form of chemo sometime very soon.” READ MORE



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