Veronica Avila: 2017 Fancy Jeans Party Child Honoree

Veronica Avila’s Autobiography, Video Asking Ellen DeGeneres To Be Her Idol Date At The Fancy Jeans Party

My name is Veronica. I am a cancer survivor (bone cancer). My favorite color is blue, and I like to draw or take pictures on my camera. I go to Lyons Creek Middle School. My favorite subjects in school are language, arts and science. My dream is for Ellen DeGeneres to be my date at the Fancy Jeans Party event (Saturday, April 1st). I also want to help and support other families fighting cancer. MORE FANCY JEANS PARTY INFO
Veronica Avila

Left - Katie Leibick & Katie Karl /Child Honoree Wish Co Chairs Left –  With Katie Leibick & Katie Karl (Child Honoree Wish Co Chairs)   –   Right – With President/Founder Sandra Muvdi

Vero During Her Cancer Battle

Veronica During Her Cancer Battle in 2013